Frida Pink Carnations

Frida Pink Carnations

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Designer: Gabriela Campo


Inspiration: Colorful flowers crowns worn by one of the greatest women in the history “Frida Kahlo”.

Creation: 8 hours

Five adjustable knitted carnations


This pink necklace was worn during the Frida Fest at the Dallas Museum of Art as homage to Frida Kahlo as the secret meaning of this flower is: “I will never forget you” and we, at Frida & Chloé, keep this wonderful woman in our hearts.



Carnations: 100% Cotton (Pink)

Elastic: 100% Acrylic (Brown)


Adjustable length


NOTE: Each piece is uniquely handcrafted, and may vary slightly upon receipt.

Not intended for children under 13 years old.

Certain components may cause allergies.

Do not place item in mouth or ingest.