Frida & Chloé has the privilege to be the exclusive international representative of Gabriela Campo. We are proud to launch our brand with one of the most talented artist.

With creations exploring the edge of imagination, Gabriela Campo is a Mexican architect turned jewelry designer. For more than 16 years, she has been following her passion for handcrafting and uses threads and knitting needles to turn her ideas into a reality.

"Me inspiran las texturas, los colores y los materiales"

Gabriela is inspired by her daily life, the nature, the music, the mix of textures, colors and materials. She strives to provoke an emotion and bring a smile, and to create pieces which make the wearer feel incredibly unique and special.

Since her beginnings in 2000, Gabriela has been fascinated by the meaning of flowers. They represent attention to detail and have the ability to tell a story and communicate a message with their colors, shapes and textures.

As of the design process, Gabriela dedicates long hours to turn her idea into a dazzling creation. Sometimes, the prototype needs months to work out and might take a few model adjustments to get to a final first piece.

Gabriela has teamed up with two women artisans, Julia and Lorena, singles mothers, who are able to earn a living wage through their incredible talents. Each necklace is meticulously handcrafted with an average of six to fourteen hours dedicated to bring you a marvelous jewel.

These collections are an ode to women with different stories and lifestyles and are the perfect fit from day to night.